Video editing… On a Chromebook!

Now i know what you’re thinking, Chromebooks are glorified web browsers right? Well… Kinda. So when google launched the first Chromebooks that sentiment rung true but as the operating system has matured it’s gained the abilities to do more! But putting all that aside is there even a Video editing suite for Chrome OS? Well yes there is but for the most part they suck and lock features behind a pay wall. That’s where Crouton comes in! Crouton allows you to install a linux operating system within your ChromeOS and it even works on ARM processors though certain programs that don’t support arm while fail to launch. I have an old Asus c201 that sport a Rockchip processor and 4gb of ram, so don’t expect to be making any masterpieces. What you can do though is install a linux distribution through crouton and fire up Openshot. Openshot is a free to use video editing program you can run on linux though basic by nature it gets the job done! As you can see in this photo

Openshot on a Chromebook

you can quite easily edit a short video or clip and export the rendered movie file to do with as you please.  So the video in the photo was a short unboxing of the RX 480 thats about 3 minutes long. I was able to edit it with some simple effects and transitions and render it in about 10-15 minutes. Slow by anyone’s standards but the fact that it’s possible opens the door to a lot more you can do with your little chromebooks!

If you would like to watch the video i talk about in this article click here and please subscribe!



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