How to get started with Linux

So you’ve decided to ditch your Windows or Mac systems for something new and refreshing. You want to delve right into Linux but don’t know how or where to start… I’m here to help you easily transition into the wonderful world of Linux! Let’s get started…

First things first you need to decide on what distribution is right for you, there are a great number of distributions out there but for the first time user i will always recommend Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the largest and most popular distribution of Linux and has a massive community there to help you when you run into problems.

Head over to Ubuntu’s website here and download the .Iso image you’ll need to burn to either a disk or usb stick. I recommend downloading the LTS release and installing it on a usb stick and using a tool like unetbootin to make bootable image. 

Once you’ve done this, make sure you’ve backed up any files you’d like to save then boot from the usb/CDROM. When the installer is loaded up it will ask you if you would like to install Ubuntu alongside your current operating system or completely erase the disk. If you aren’t quite ready to completely commit to Linux I’d suggest installing it alongside what you are already using. That way you have the option of what operating system you’d like to boot into during startup. It will also ask you to create a user account. I have a video here that will help guide you through the installation process and is easy to follow.

Now that you have it up and running it’s recommended you update you system. To do this you can head over to the software center and initiate it there, alternative you can open a terminal and run the command ‘sudo apt-get update’. As you’ll notice with Ubuntu and most other distributions you have a lot of what you will need right out of the box. But that doesn’t mean that it ends there, you’ll find there are plenty of great programs in the software center that you can play around with. 

One of the great benefits of choosing Linux is the freedom to customise its appearance to your liking. Open your software center and install the unity tweak tool so you can easily apply new themes that can radically change the entire look of your desktop. 

If your a gamer you’ll also be happy to know that support for Linux games is growing and growing. Steam has a Linux client that is much the same as windows and more and more games are becoming available for linux as time moves on.

So what are you waiting for? Try Linux today and what you think in the comment section below!


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