Feren OS First Impressions

Today I take a quick look at another Linux distribution that aims to make the migration from a Windows or Mac based system easier for new users.


How To Set Up VirtualBox on Windows Video

Expanding on the written guideĀ I just posted I’ve also put together a short video tutorial for you as well. If you like it and it helped you out don’t forget to like and subscribe!

So Today i’m going to give first time users a quick guide on how to set up a virtual machine using a program called VirtualBox. Virtual machines are a great way to try out new operating systems without having to go through the hassle and commitment of installing them properly. You can install Virtualbox on Linux and OS X but for today we are focusing on the Windows platform.

So first things first head over to the VirtualBox website and download the windows installer. Once that’s finished downloading you can go ahead and install it. Go thought the installer clicking next until and install until you get to here


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