Today I left my bag on public transport!

So this morning I woke up after a nice lie in which has become the norm when I’m doing an evening shift that doesn’t start till 14:00. After a couple mugs of coffee I had a shower got dressed and packed my bag. Inside my bag I always carry my Chromebook with me as it’s become an essential travelling companion as it’s light and will last the entire day! With everything I need I head out to catch the bus into work. Pretty standard affair nothing exciting, I got off at my stop outside of work and strolled into work ready for the shift ahead albeit 5 minutes late…

After making a coffee and saying hello to the colleges I have a tense moment of dread, panic and heart sinking worry as I realise I don’t know where I’ve put my bag! I run around frantically like a headless chicken checking all the obvious spots I’d usually put my bag… Nothing! Then it dawned on me my bag didn’t leave the bus with me and it’s either still on there or on the back of another random passenger.

I phone the bus company where I get through to a very helpful lady that can sense the panic in my voice. I explain the situation, she puts me on hold… A few minutes later she’s back on the line with good news a bag that fits my description is still on the same bus. Relieved I follow her instructions of what to do next. She gives me the bus identity number and what time it will be coming back round the stop I got off at. I got there 5 minutes early but they were the longest 5 minutes I’ve experienced of recent memory. It arrives dead on time,  I hurry on where I’m greeted by the bus driver who hands over my bag. I let out a massive sigh of relief and the most sincere thank you of all time then before running back into work clutching onto my bag. The bus company were brilliant and really helpful through out the entire experience.

So yeah I left my chromebook on public transport!  Only for an hour but during that time and up until it was back in my possession I couldn’t calm myself. The thought of someone having access to all my personal data,  photos,  passwords the list goes on truly terrifies me!. This has all been a massive wake up call for me to pay more attention to my belongings while I’m out and about. In today’s age where our phones,  tablets,laptops and PC’s have our entire life’s on them I got out very luck and am eternally grateful to the bus driver and the lady I spoke to on the phone today.


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