How To Set Up VirtualBox on Windows

So Today i’m going to give first time users a quick guide on how to set up a virtual machine using a program called VirtualBox. Virtual machines are a great way to try out new operating systems without having to go through the hassle and commitment of installing them properly. You can install Virtualbox on Linux and OS X but for today we are focusing on the Windows platform.

So first things first head over to the VirtualBox website and download the windows installer. Once that’s finished downloading you can go ahead and install it. Go thought the installer clicking next until and install until you get to here


Next you’re going to need an operating system to create your virtual machine, for the purpose of this guide i’ll be using Ubuntu as it’s very straight forward and beginner friendly. So click here to head over to the Ubuntu website.

Now that we have ubinsteverything we need lets launch Virtualbox and click new on the top left corner. Where it says name input ‘Ubuntu’ and it should automatically pick the type and version. If it doesn’t or you decide to give it a different name the type is Linux and the version is Ubuntu 64bit. Click next to choose how much ram you want to assign to Ubuntu, it’s best advised to stay within the green zone allowing plenty of ram left over.



Next up we have to create a virtual hard disk for us to install our operating system to, click create and leave is as the default VDI then click next. For this part i suggest using a fixed drive as it tends to be the faster option. Click next to choose how large you want to create your VDI. This could take a a few minutes or more depending on how big you’ve decided to make your virtual hard disk.

Hit the settings button, navigate to display on the left hand side and increase to increase your video memory. You can also enable 3D acceleration. Now move on to the storage settings and select the CD icon with the word ’empty’ beside it and choose your iso we downloaded earlier.sfsaf


Double click your Ubuntu machine to so begin the actual installation of your operating system.  For a guide on how to install Ubuntu if you have never done it before click here.


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