Update on Tyler’s Tech

Hello guys,

Just like to say thank you to those who have subscribed to the youtube channel and blog so far! I’ve made this channel as a hobby, I’ve always messed around with computer hardware and software since a kid in the days of windows XP and CRT monitors. Please keep watching as i’m not going anywhere and the content is only going to get better. As a small channel I’ve realised it’s hard to get people initially engaged without a strong community to start with. But I shall continue doing my best to bring content and videos that people are interested in seeing.

So far we’ve mainly focused on operating systems with the odd video here and there on hardware including the Samsung galaxy s8 and the RX 480. I wan’t to do a lot more hardware videos but that takes money and I’m in this alone. As viewership increases we should see a lot more on hardware and new gadgets as they come out. But until then I’m stuck with only showing off things I buy personally so I can’t just buy everything new that comes out as I’d very quickly be absolutely skint! 

I love making videos and talking all this nerdy stuff so please if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button and lets see if we can grow into something. Also if you’re reading this on the blog subscribe here too! Over the coming weeks I’ll be doing what I have to do, to boost the production value of my content and engage the audience it reaches.

One of the many things I’ll be doing to keep people interested is writing up and upload schedule and doing my best to stick to it! I may miss the odd day here and there because of my work commitments but that’s unavoidable. I wan’t to be able to upload 2-3 videos a week. At the moment I can’t commit to bringing you daily videos but that is the end goal!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


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