My Daily Linux Driver

If you watched my ‘First Impressions’ video on Deepin, you would have picked up that i was very impressed with my initial time spent in the operating system(if you haven’t watch it here ( It struck me while i was browsing distrowatch looking for a new OS for my main computer, that Deepin might be the perfect choice.

Well I wasn’t wrong. The clean aesthetic and familiar feeling environment makes me feel right at home. The only minor changes i made out of the box were changing the dock to ‘efficient’ mode, collapsing the launcher and applying a fresh wallpaper. Deepin does however provide some sleek wallpapers out of the box. The computer i’ll be installing this to, will have to be able to do everything from edit videos and photos, some light gaming, general web browsing and everything else in between. So once the installation was done and Deepin was up and running I installed Openshot,Gimp and OBS using the terminal and was good to go.


What I like:
● Packaged programs like Steam, Skype and Spotify
● Look and feel
● How it handles hot corners
● The control Center
● Deepin store
● Debian based which i’m very familiar with
● Default Theme


What I don’t like:
● The way it handles updates, it goes to the sound and if you click off it it’s hard to find it again and track the progress.
● When the dock is in ‘Fashion’ mode, the lack of a top bar means tray items including clock,sound,network etc get docklet type icons on the dock which for me, is a little clunky. Especially when you have programs that run in the background.

All in all i’m very happy with Deepin as my daily driver. It has everything i need to get work done be it a quick video edit, writing a document, browsing the web etc. After 30 days of use I will determine whether to keep it permanently or hop to another distribution.


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